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Building a community

Over the years Hampshire Canna has become far more than a shop.

Originally starting, over a decade ago, as a community based project.

Highlighting the benefits of plant medicine, through activism and awareness. What you see here now is the result of our own belief in not only cannabis, but the mission statement behind which we stand.

That we, as individual's should have a say in our own health

That it is "our life our choice"

As a result Hampshire Canna now provides a hub of information, services and products. Ranging from CBD creams, oils, teas and capsules through to hedonistic supplies

Being a family run business we also pride ourselves on supporting wellbeing within our local area through a variety of  alternative medicines. From meditation, healing and massage through to sound baths and evening classes.

All of which wouldn't be possible without our loyal customers and support, for which we are incredibly grateful.

Please feel free to browse each area of this space and contact us with any concerns or questions you may have as together we continue to build what we hope will become a healthy, free minded community

Sy and Kirsty

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