How To Clean Your Piercing

For the best healing process we recommend using our Neilmed sterile saline solution that you can purchase in store. Spray twice a day (morning/night) front and back everyday for the duration of your healing time. Making sure you dry the area after. You can use a clean paper towel to do this OR use a hairdryer on the lowest cool setting.

If you decide not to use the saline then you can use boiled unsalted water and again drying the area after. There is also a method called LITHA method (LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE) :) 

A shower rinse will help get rid of the debris around the piercing.

Why not salt water? 
Some people can use salted boiled water however its very important that you get the right salt and the right ratio of salt to water. Using to much salt can dry the area out. The salt can also be contaminated which is unhygienic for your piercing.


General Hygiene

Avoid any contact with dirty hands as this will lead to infections. No touching/twisting the piercing.

Please keep your jewellery in for the duration of your healing time. Patience is key.


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If any fluid leaks out of your piercing do not worry this is called Lymph fluid which is normal for healing.

Healing Tips

Try and avoid going swimming in chlorinated pools or the sea until the piercing has healed.

Avoid sleeping on your piercing as this can massively affect the healing. Excessive pressure can alter the angle of the piercing.

Please be aware of your piercing. Try not to catch it on clothing/masks/hair etc.

All the above will lead to infections/irritation bumps.

Changing Your Jewellery

Labret/Curved studs are best to wear in your piercing whilst its healing. You shouldn't change your piercing until its fully healed. once your piercing has healed you can change it to anything you like. The options are endless.

Irritation Bumps 

Irritation bumps (professionally known as Hypertrophic Scarring) are super common in cartilage piercings. Due to movement/Poor aftercare/trauma etc The best way to avoid these are to LEAVE YOUR PIERCING ALONE! You can also try using boiled unsalted water on your piercing to get rid of the bubble. If you get these on your piercing message your piercer for advice and please do not like it up on the internet.