" To see in one is to be in another"


Kirsty Dignam 2018

As of the 31st of January, I am providing a clinic in the Portsmouth area, providing a wide range of services, my aim is to aid the birth of many souls’ potentials, will you be one?

Details are below, contact me to book your appointment.

Pain clinic-30-45minutes-£11
-Using sound and relaxation this treatment offers a unique insight into specific pain and its cause with somatic discussions from the body.

Crystal healing- one-hour- £22
-With the aid of crystals, this healing looks at the flow through the body’s systems, transmuting as needed.

Sound therapy-1.5 hours-£33
-Taking the individual into a deep state of relaxation, the body is then able to rebalance and begin to heal- initial treatment will always be clear, cleanse and balance of the system with the option of more specific treatments on a follow-up basis including ancestral, karmic, cords and block removal and the very successful trauma release system.

Colour therapy-1.5 hours-£44
-Working alongside colour, aromatherapy, and Archangel Metatron this high vibrational treatment works in aligning the energy centers within the individual’s soul blueprint, removing obstacles that have led to imbalance be they inner child, grief, fear, etc This system empowers the body to upgrade to relevant changes required to move forward.

Atlantean healing-1.5 hours-£55
-Balancing all the elements within the human body, removing past life energy that may be affecting this current existence and soul retrieval ( after several treatments) this healing modality, although gentle, powerfully returns the individual to their original alignment.

Bespoke treatment-1.5 hours-£55
-This session empowers the soul to speak directly of its requirements leaving the options open to embrace any and all of the above healing modalities specific to that individual person.

Buy any two treatments of the same category and receive the third free

 ( Terms and conditions apply)

Empowerment reading-1.5 hours-£66
-An opportunity to look at patterns holding you back from stepping into who you came here to be. Utilizing the Tarot and my own connection to bring forth the inner wild intuitive soul you are into three actionable, manageable more importantly physical steps for you to continue on your desired path.

Monthly life coaching-£166 ( normally £198)
-If suitable, 3 empowerment readings over three months, to ensure continued support and guidance throughout the process.

Tailor-made session- 2 hours-£99 ( normally £121)
-Including an empowerment reading and bespoke healing to align you with your practical steps.

Mentorship- £222 ( normally £300)
-Three tailor-made sessions over three months, advocating the changes, providing accountability and adjustment or removal of blocks throughout the process.

Horse/animal healing £22
Hands-on healing for our beloved pets to ensure their holistic wellbeing by realigning their energy and removing blocks that may cause dis-ease or behavioral issues.

Tarot game-changer sessions- minimum 3 players- Maximum 5- £22 each
-Working alongside the Tarot taking the opportunity to own your journey and activate the steps required to change the game of your life.

Healing takes courage and we all have courage even if we have to dig a little deep to find it.

Tori Ames

In addition, I work alongside a Shamanic way of life and incorporate these rituals and ceremonies to aid rites of passage, mentorship, and teaching.

If you wish to know more or have been initiated by anything on my page, please feel free to contact me to chat further.

Thank you for your presence and for enabling me to be the Midwife I came here to be.

In Munay ( love)