30cm Grace Glass Beaker Waterpipe - GBG5G


This Beaker Grace Glass bong, made of high quality heat proof borosilicate glass, is a splendid piece of glass art that can lift you up to the sky! It comes in a beaker base tube. Your herbs or tobacco are placed onto the detachable green bowl, coming with a handle, for easily lifting it up. The bowl connects to a detachable chillum through a 6Arm sure ground of 29.2mm diameter. The chillum is used for spreading your smoke into the tube, so as to get filtered by the water. Some ice noches can hold a few cubes, cooling this way your smoking. With the green Grace Glass logo featuring in the middle of the tube, the whole set-up ends up in a green mouthpiece ring through some glass beads beautifully shaped all around.

29.2mm Female socket with diffuser downtube. 18.8mm Drop in bowl.

30cm Grace Glass Beaker Waterpipe