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American Pie marries the production potential of Power Plant with the potent resin production of White Widow. It is an 80% sativa plant, straightforward plant to grow and one which adapts well to any system of cultivation.

American Pie responds well to Low Stress Training making it an ideal plant for SCRoG systems. Indoorsit is a medium-tall plant at 60 - 160 cm. It produces very good yields of 550 gr/m2 in a flowering time of between 65 - 70 days. Outdoor growers will see plants max-out at around 300 cm. with productive crops of 300 - 1000 gr/plant ready to harvest in the middle of October in northern latitudes. It is unlikely to perform to its potential in northern Europe and other high latitude regions preferring a Mediterranean-type climate. As befits such a sativa-dominant plant its buds develop into long, thin clusters covered in sparkling resin crystals.

American Pie is a sweet-tasting marijuana strain with a complex aroma that is quite alluring. THC production is measured at 20% with 0.6% CBD. The effect is both psychedelic and relaxing at the same time - quite a trick to pull off as it lacks the edginess of many sativa strains.


BREEDER/BRAND    Pyramid Seeds
GENETICS    Power Plant x White Widow
VARIETY    Mostly Sativa
FLOWERING TYPE    Photoperiod
SEX    Feminised
YIELD    550 gr/m2 indoors; 300 - 1000 gr per plant outdoors
PLANT HEIGHT    60cm - 300cm
GROWS    Indoors, Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME    65 - 70 days
HARVEST MONTH    Mid-October
EFFECT    Psychedelic, Relaxing

American Pie