The Only Growbook You Will Ever Need
This new and fully updated edition contains all you ever wanted to know about the commercial, medical and recreational uses of cannabis. Including detailed descriptions of cultivation techniques used to increase both yield and potency. This book covers everything the indoor or outdoor grower needs to know:
• Aeroponic cannabis crops
• Aero-cloning
• Breeding cannabis plants
• Feminised seeds
• Harvesting and preparation
• Hashish making
• Heavy yielding plants
• Hydroponic cultivation
• Micro and mini systems
• Oil extraction and opium latex
• Organic cultivation and nutrients
• Outdoor growing in Europe
• Sea of green techniques
• Screen of green techniques
• Secondary budding
• Security and the authorities
• Surviving in court
• Tinctures and recipes
• Ton of skunk
• Troubleshooting pests and fungi
• and much more!
Code-named MR. BIG by UK detectives the author was eventually arrested by armed police after a covert operation involving over 30 officers from four separate police forces. He was charged with conspiring to produce over £2.5 million pounds worth of skunk cannabis. When sentencing the author the trial judge called him, "a horticultural expert involved in a resolute and successful attempt to grow cannabis on a commercial scale". He wasn't wrong. European Cannabis Cultivation is now on it's third edition in the EU. Mel Thomas has a working knowledge of commercial cannabis cultivation and explains clearly how we can all grow and benefit from this sacred plant.

Cannabis Cultivation book