This  can is no ordinary can inside is a secret safe compartment to stash your valuables. Cleverly keep your things hidden in plain sight when you store your valuables in this handy stash can! Crafted to look like an unopened can of Coke, this can is the perfect way to keep your stash safe and sound. Weighted so that it even feels like a full can of soda, this stash can offers you plenty of space under the screw on top. This can is just as sweet as what it hides itself to be!Looks exactly like a real can of coca cola.  Secret compartment in the center of can.Lid unscrews, to reveal stash compartment inside.Can has added weight for a more realistic effect. (approx 297gr)Can size: Approx 23 cm high x 7 cm wide.Stash compartment size: Approx 9 cm deep x 5 cm wide. (mouth 2.8cm wide)

Coke stash tin