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The epic Californian medical strain Girl Scout Cookies has finally been given the Auto Seeds treatment. They used incredibly potent and highly stable MiG 29 for this cross and this has increased flowering time and maximized yield when compared with other auto flowering cannabis seeds. Girl Scout Cookies Auto marijuana seeds produce very dense, bright green caked in silver ice buds wrapped by leaves with a beautiful purple tinge. This auto flower is extra sweet on the inhale, a true candy lover’s dream with flavours of brown sugar, chocolate and nutmeg all present. Savoury notes of pepper and lemongrass and an earthy pungency may be noticed reminding of its original OG heritage. Just like the original, its sativa dominant, a true heavy hitter starting off very cerebral and euphoric moving into a more relaxed body stone that won’t give you a couch lock. This auto will knock your socks off.
Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies x MiG-29

Girl scout cookies Auto