• BEST ROACHES ON THE MARKET - rolls filter tips are long white filters that are rolled with raw rolling papers king size with the filter end pushed inside the paper and the roach side left outside
  • SPECIAL FILTER TIPS - rolls tips are used for smoking "herbal mixtures" with or without tobacco. They prevent the inhalation of pollutants such as tar and micro particles
  • INNOVATIVE COOLING SYSTEM - for variable regulation of the smoke temperature. Hot smoke, coughing and unpleasant scratching in the throat are just as much a thing as the past as raws unbleached tips
  • MORE TASTE - without reducing the effect! Thanks to many years of careful development, we are proud to present the perfected filter tip for your long papers
  • HARM REDUCTION - special cellulose filter tips and not harmful activated carbon filters or glass tips. Say goodbye to that morning cough!

Rolls Smart Filters