Enjoy a nice cup of CBD Tea from Dr. Greenlove. This box comes supplied with 20 sachets.

100% Pure Hemp Bud and Naturally rich in cannabidiol (CBD) you can relax and unwind with your new favourite drink.


Note: Now contains 20 bags but Dr Greenlove has changed the ingredients so the end product contains now 15% more Hemp to give it a better taste.

Instructions: Boil your kettle or pot of water, once at desired temperature pour the water into your favourite mug with your CBD Tea Bag inside. Leave in for around 4-7 mins so all the water and the tea is infused. Now you can add a little bit of milk and then enjoy!


Product Features

  • Ingredients: Hemp Bud/Leaf (From EU Certified Hemp)
  • CBD in a natural product, but on average it is around 1%.
  • 20 Tea Bags

Tea by Dr Greenlove