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From the selection of one of Ripper Seeds first genetic search works, an old Lavender Kush clone was pollinated by their brilliant Amnesia. From there a clone that they named “Sideral” was selected and they decided to pollinate it again later with their Bubba Kush. Its vegetative cycle should be generous if you want to develop the full potential of its Indica demeanor. With a low EC both in the vegetative and the flowering cycles you will get spectacular results. Its purplish colour scheme and the great quantity of trichomes that cover its large flowers would make this strain a key one for Kush flavor lovers.

BREEDER/BRAND    Ripper Seeds
VARIETY    Mostly Indica
FLOWERING TYPE    Photoperiod
SEX    Feminised
YIELD    Medium-High
GROWS    Indoors, Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME    55-60 days
EFFECT    Long-lasting, Powerful
AWARDS    1st Place Popular Hybrid BioCup Canada 2016, 1st Place Indica UCLA Cup 2016, 2nd Place Resins Cannabis Champions Cup 2014, 2nd Prize Resin Catalunya Cup Professionals 2014



Zombie Kush