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Been there done that, bought the T shirt.



What about selling them?

In 2012 I went to a local cannabis event run by the Hampshire Cannabis Community

Purely to get a free T shirt!

Having had a relationship with “the herb” from an early age

My interest in the more medicinal benefits were soon seeded!

Alongside a love for activism!

I found myself wanting to make a difference through a more informed choice for all, regarding health.

Later that year the HCC was handed over to my care.


 As Clark French began dedicating more time to the United Patience Alliance

From here the community and I walked alongside each other to many events, protests, and awareness demonstrations.

 Coverage of these can be found on the events and news page.

Realising the potential to build upon a much-needed area of understanding within Hampshire.

We went onto to rent an office in 2018.

Where I originally sold merchandise, including the very T shirt I had initially wanted for myself!

Becoming one of the first resources for CBD flower and oil in the area

In 2019 with the office now too small, we opened Hampshirecanna.

A local head shop.

Collaborating with my dear friend Perry, an incredible source of wisdom in the cannabis world and my wife Kirsty with a small midwife’s “womb” at the back of the shop, offering alternative therapies.

Having spent over a decade as a midwife, now medically retired through burn out.

Kirsty encouraged me of the need (as all wives do!)  to merge both complementary therapies and plant medicine together

Based not only from the benefit of CBD with her own health issues but a recognised gap for awareness when it came to wellbeing in Portsmouth.

Little did we know the world would face a global pandemic a few months later.

Surviving the last few years, like many other businesses hasn’t been easy for Hampshirecanna.

The many events that included picnics, BBQ’s, travels to Morocco, Spannabis, London 420, product Earth and Switzerland were stopped.

 As the rest of the World went into lockdown, so too did the shop and many of the staff with it.

Including the sad farewell to Perry, and Sy’s daughter’s piercing studio.

Now, with the many changes that have occurred we are pleased that Hampshirecanna seems to be coming back.

Stronger than ever.

Bringing with it, not only a reliant, consistent availability of all thing’s cannabis.

Regardless of medical or recreational

But also, an increased emphasis on wellbeing in the community.

With a vision for more services, workshops, sound baths and events, coming soon.

To truly take health into our own hands.

The future for this family run business has included Diploma’s in medical cannabis and CBD, affiliation to medical cannabis clinics and potential expansion with spaces to incorporate vape lounges.

Behind all of these and proposed changes, Hampshirecanna has and always will be community led.

From the first initial talk (and T shirt) through to its current place in bridging the gap for all to access the freedom of choice

In this mission we continue to welcome your custom and input into what this means for you

As we look forward to serving you for many decades to come.

Sy and Kirsty

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