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Chill out... it's coming soon!


Starting again in March the monthly sound baths will be returning. A two hour immersion of sound, guidance, balance and relaxation. Held in a intimate space of 6 people this event often proves popular so we advise tune-in into the booking calendar and reserving your space!

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What do you think of when it comes to Tarot?

Freaky predictions
Hocus Pocus

How about...


Tarot is a reflective tool that can highlight where you are, where you would like to be and how to get there.

It is in sense a guide to all the answers you have within you.

Sometimes, for whatever reason we can't always hear them or know what questions to ask.

Often we need a game-changer...


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Is it time to tap out?!
EFT  has long been known as the "people's technique" using touch and intention to clear physical and emotional blocks within our own energetic system-
find out how here!

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The Divine Feminine is creation in all her forms, the eternal mother that holds space for this to occur.

YOU are the Divine Feminine, at times Wild and free, others withdrawn and silent.

Joyful, sad, grieving, being, doing, fighting, resting- constantly creating- yes even the times when you believe your not doing enough.

You are LIFE- and as such the Great mother of your own existence!

Find out how we celebrate this at hampshirecanna in our monthly red tents.

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How often do you laugh at yourself?


In-lighten what is occurring for you as a result.

Life can be bloody hard

But that doesn't mean it has to be serious

For centuries the medicine of laughter has long been recognised for it's impact on the mind, body and Soul

Releasing endorphins, reducing blood pressure ( once we've moved through the elevated giggles!) and relieving pain

Find out more in our Sun-day session

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Have you lost your own sound?

We all vibrate at a unique frequency

In this energy we maintain health and balance on all levels

All too often life happens and we find ourselves moulded until we no longer recognise our own tune.

Trying to be something we are not is like playing a saxophone when you are trained for the guitar.

It doesn't fit

What would happen if you just said "Fork it" to all the noise?!

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