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Do you have the munchies this March?

What is it you hunger for this month?

With spring in the air, in the background at least, at Hampshirecanna we have been cooking up some changes.

Many of you may have noticed over the last few weeks we have updated the website.

A labour of love, this will no doubt continue to grow over time.

We welcome any suggestions of areas you may want clarifying or even include, to make this the online community we are aiming towards.


This week Germany has stepped closer to adding themselves to the list of country's legalising cannabis.

Under the new law, they stand to become the third country in Europe to legalise the drug for personal use, removing cannabis from the official list of banned substances.

Meaning adults would be allowed to possess 50g at one time at home, and 25g in public.

To read more about this any other relevant articles and research check out our news section below


With the sun slowly returning, not only are the day's getting longer and thankfully warmer at Hampshirecanna, the buds are blooming!

Meaning we now have several strains of available CBD flowers in stock!

Including the popular White widow, Cream caramel and Northern lights


Finally through the darker months, with wellbeing on our, well minds, we have also been looking into services we can provide to support our local community.

As such we are pleased to announce the return of the Sun-day sessions.

These will include regular monthly Sound baths, red tent gatherings and opportunities to explore laughter therapy, pain clinics, and healing shares.

We will also be providing one learning workshop a month covering crystals, tuning forks, womb wisdom, Tarot the medicine wheel and more.

Details and bookings can be found here:


We are delighted to announce we have become an affiliate with several medical cannabis clinics.

Bridging the gap for our customers, directing those that wish, towards establishments they can purchase full spectrum plants from.

Supporting us towards a bigger vision that will one day include vape lounges and a greater acceptance of both medical and recreational usage.

Until then, for those that purchase online, you may notice we are continuing to be affected by discrepancies and misunderstandings.

Despite the legality of our products we are as yet unable to find an online provider.

Meaning, initially, paying for any items can only be done through bank transfer.

We appreciate the extra time and concerns you may have around this.

To ease any issues we are therefore offering a 5% discount and free postage.

Simply type in WEWILLBEATTHESYSTEM at the checkout.


With all the changes that have occurred over the last few months, on our website, products stocked and offerings.

We have been feeling into how we can grow

Our ethos has and will always remain the same.

We strongly believe in the human right to choose what we need for our own health.

From plant medicine to alternative therapies

We have watched this necessity expand around us over the last few years

As we continue to stand with our local community.

Supporting awareness of these areas and have responded by adapting what we offer

Through oils, flowers, supplements, creams and accessories.

But also guidance, support, massage, sounds and holistic care through Kirsty's return as our instore practitioner.

With not only a wide range of services and prices but concessions and giveaways to ensure, where possible, inclusivity to all, including our fur family!


But, none of this, however, would be possible without your continued support.

We are incredibly grateful.

For each customer, client, and enquiry.

Keeping alive the vision we have not only for Hampshirecanna but for mother cannabis herself as a universal source of wellbeing.

With this rekindling of our own appetite we are looking into potentially running some more events ( previous examples can be found on our site)

Local meetups of likeminded individuals and those who seek more information

But we need your help, please take a moment to either fill in the poll below or contact us

What would give you the munchies to March for wellbeing?

  • More wellbeing

  • More events

  • More cannabis information

  • More news

You can vote for more than one answer.

Until next month.

Sy and Kirsty


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