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"The first of April is a day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year"- Mark Twain

Welcome to another month!

With spring in the air the day's are longer.

Everything seems a little brighter and we can all have a bit more fun and freedom.... right?!

Having left the madness of March behind us.

It seems the fool-ishness of April appears to be greeting us head, or is that face on!

We can almost be forgiven for believing nothing has changed....The ultimate prank being the forgetting of who we are!

Something none of us are immune to

Despite major improvements regarding cannabis awareness. Recent news this week of a similar CBD shop in Portsmouth being raided. Left us at Hampshirecanna with a common but much more relevant dilemma.

Whether to speak up or watch from the background.

Knowing the importance of our products to the valuable customers we have.

But also aware of an ever increasing need to continue providing relevant information.

The last thing we wanted was to bring unneeded attention to ourselves in an already limited "circus"


So .

After much deliberation...

We decided not to change- and shared the article anyway!

Remembering who we are in the process

Our ethos is centred around the individual life and choice!

Not only were we not going to be part of stopping that we mean to go on as we always have in supporting it as much as possible!

With daily guidance, weekly videos and twice monthly blogs looking into the energies we are currently facing and how to best navigate them.

We are also giving away monthly "portal prizes" and discovering many ways to be the loud, proud activists we always have been through the services we continue to provide.

Within a community that remains just as important to us now as it was 12 years ago.


Taking us back all those years ago of course is a relevant day this month- 420!

Covered in as many myths or silly string as the "herb" itself.

This day not only signifies a time of nostalgia for Sy- of Hyde park and other cannabis related events.

But the very reason he signed up for it all... to get a T-shirt!

An enthusiasm worth celebrating.

With another!

Free to one lucky customer

Drawn on the 20th of April at Hampshirecanna- keep an eye out for the post on our Facebook page or send us an email if you would like to be entered!


Until then we are continuing with our commitments.

To each other- celebrating our Wedding anniversary on none other that April Fool's day. Where we both, five years ago, ran away ( somehow together!) to Gretna Green and tied the knot!

To our customers-with discounts not only on monthly specials- April being animal treats, but wellbeing packages.

Through to the seeds of the future we are now able to help you plant. Which will unfortunately from the 1st of April, along with flowers, be available in store only


Beyond treatments, news, products and legislation has and always will be our belief in community..

The freedom to be who we are.

All of the time.

Whether the clocks go forward

Regardless of how long the days become or lets face it can sometimes seem

It is often this "trick" that can give us the comic relief so needed.

A necessity that can be found in our regular Sun-day sessions.

Be it changing the game through Tarot; Tapping out the less funny emotional aspects we face in life; Finding harmony through sound or community building.


"He who asks is a fool for five minutes. He who does not ask remains a fool forever"

-Mark Twain

We are also looking into laughter therapy, dance and teaching Tarot at the shop in the coming months and are as always open to suggestions.

Feel free to contact us below with any ideas you may think we would be up for- remember nothing is too foolish to a couple of Fools!

Until next time

Have fun being you!

Sy and Kirsty


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